Top 5 Most Popular Algorand NFT Collections

Top 5 Most Popular Algorand NFT collections

Top 5 Algorand NFT Collections

In this AlgoDaddy article I've tried to compile the 5 most popular Algorand NFT collections so far. The Algorand NFT market is flourishing, especially since Algorand partnered up with FIFA, launching FIFA+ Collect - a soccer world cup related Algorand NFT collection.

FIFA Algorand
FIFA president Gianni Infantino and Algorand founder Silvio Micali

Since popular can be a subject term I've chosen to use the Total Sale Volume as a more objective indicator for ranking the Algorand NFT collections. It's not perfect, but it does give an indication of what's hot in the Algorand NFT space. All the stats in the article are taken from NFTExplorer and fluctuates through time.

With that said, here's the list of the most popular Algorand NFT's.

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5. Flemish Giants

The fifth most popular NFT collection on Algorand is Flemish Giants. It's a collection of 100 unique hand drawn Algorand NFT's portraying the large domestic rabbit known as Flemish Giant Rabbit in a cartoon form. There is only one copy of each Flemish Giant NFT. The creator is known as "Finn Flemington" a New York based Fine Artist. The collection offers monthly staking rewards for holding these NFT's in your Algorand Wallet. The current lowest available price for an Flemish Giant NFT is 7,750 $ALGO with most listed for sale between 10,000-30,000 $ALGO. Total Sale Volume is at the moment a little over 220K $ALGO.

Official Twitter - @Flemish_Giants

Flemish Giants Algorand NFT
Flemish Giants - Among the most popular Algorand NFT collections

4. Pixel Guys

At the fourth place of the most popular Algorand NFT collections is Pixel Guys. The collection of NFT's portray different pixelated figure with an array of traits inspired from Noia Ducks Series on Solana. This particular Algorand NFT collection was founded with the idea of creating a community and accruing value to the holder's bank, which have earned it's value through 50% royalties on all the NFT sales. Holders of the Pixel Guys NFT's will be deciding what to do with the accrued holdings via a voting system. The current lowest price you can get yourself a Pixel Guys NFT for is 500 $ALGO. Most listings range from 1000-2500 $ALGO. The collections Total Sale Volume is currently at 310K $ALGO.

Official Twitter - @PixTrate

Pixel Guys Most Popular Algorand NFT
Different NFT's from Pixel Guys collection

3. Yieldlings

The popular Algorand NFT collection Yieldlings holds the 3rd place on the most popular Algorand NFT list. The artist is known as Stitchbob have created a collection of 500 pixelated flamingos with different characteristics and backgrounds. The minimum you'd have to pay for a Yieldling at the moment is 999 $ALGO, with most NFT's in this collection being listed between 1000-5000 $ALGO each. At the moment the Total Sale Volume is sitting slightly north of 430K $ALGO.

The Artists Twitter - @yieldling

Yieldlings Algorand Most popular NFT
Different artworks from the Yieldlings collection

2. M.N.G.O

M.N.G.O (Mostly Not Going Out) is another Algorand NFT collection created by Stitchbob and even more popular than Yieldlings in terms of Total Sale Volume at over 600K $ALGO. Unlike the previous collection these flamingos are not pixelated, and they come with a random set of hand drawn traits. There are a total of 3000 generatively created NFT's in this collection. The floor price for M.N.G.O at the moment is 450 $ALGO, with most being listed between 500-2000 $ALGO.

Official Twitter - @yieldling

Most Popular Algorand NFT
Random selection of M.N.G.O collection NFT's

1. Most Popular Algorand NFT collection - Al Goanna

Al Goanna takes home the trophy for being the most popular NFT collection on Algorand, with a whooping Total Sale Value over 2 million $ALGO. The collection portrays human-like Goanna Lizards with different characteristics. You could be the lucky owner of an Al Goanna if you're willing to cough up between 10,000-40,000 $ALGO, which the amount most Al Goannas are being listed for. 

Staying true to the environmentally friendly aspect of Algorand (It's The Green Blockchain after all), Al Goanna has pledged to plant 50,000 trees.

We were all aware of our lizard overlords taking over, but who knew it would be in the shape of blockchain NFT's? 

Official Twitter - @al_goanna

Most Popular Algorand NFT Al Goanna
Artwork from the Al Goanna NFT collection on Algorand

The Most Expensive NFT Ever Sold on Algorand

Not only is Al Goanna the most popular NFT collection on Algorand - it holds the first spot for the most expensive NFT ever sold on Algorand. Al Goanna 001 was purchased by an anonymous buyer for 111,111.11 $ALGO (approx. $222K USD at the time of purchase) on November 21st 2021. The sale generated a mind-boggling $22K USD in royalty alone. 

In comparison the most expensive NFT ever sold on the Ethereum network is CryptoPunk 4156, which was purchased for a staggering 2,500 ETH (roughly $10.2 million USD!). Safe to say, the Algorand NFT market have some upward potential left in it.

The Most Expensive Algorand NFT Sold
On the left Al Goanna 001, on the right CryptoPunk 4156.

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Final Words

In this article I've listed the current 5 most popular Algorand NFT collections. I'd like to point out that there is a plethora of great artists on the Algorand network, both among the top sold collections as well as from new and lesser-known creators. Why not head over to Algogems or Rand Gallery if you're interested in browsing NFT's for sale.

Check out our Algorand Reddit Sub if you're interested in lighthearted discussions and memes about Algorand.  

Algo and out!

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