Algorand Ecosystem List (2023)

Algorand Utility Exentensive List 2022

The Algorand Ecosystem List

Last Reviewed: January 2023

In this article we've have put together an extensive list of most (if not all) utility that the Algorand ecosystem offers at the moment. Prior there to this page there were no comprehensive overview of the Algorand and its projects in the vast ecosystem. Because of this AlgoDaddy decided to step up and put together the following list of all the Algorand utility in the ecosystem. The list is actively updated.

It's important for a cryptocurrency or blockchain that it's clear what it offers. With the Algorand ecosystem growing every day, it already provides drastically more utility than just 12 months ago. 

The Algorand Ecosystem For The End User 

The emphasis in this list is on use case and utility for the end user, so that anyone new to Algorand can quickly understand what it has to offer. I have avoided mentioning tokens or projects with none or only minor utility. The same goes for projects aimed primarily at businesses or governments. 

Moreover there are also plenty of exciting utility that's still in development and not yet live. With that being said only projects or platforms live on the mainnet have made it onto this list.

Many platforms require the use of an Algorand software wallet to work. Read more about how to set up the official Algorand Wallet.

If you find something missing from the list that I probably blatantly have forgotten about (or maybe wasn't even aware of), then let me know in the comments below, on any other social media platform.

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Algorand Ecosystem List 2022

Algorand Ecosystem List (2023)

The list have been organized to the best of my ability. It will be updated progressively over time. 

1. Essential Utility

AlgoExplorer - All the technical information about the Algorand blockchain. Records of every transaction made, current blockspeeds, circulating supply, TPS, and much more.

Algorand Governance - The main Algorand Governance page from the Algorand Foundation. Connect and commit to governance through here.

Algorand Stats - Pleasant graphical overview of current staking and governance statistics on Algorand.

2. Algorand DeFi List

AlgoDAO - As the name implies it's a an Algorand DAO, which is also compatible with Algorand Governance.

AlgoFi - Decentralized lending and borrowing market and stable coin on the Algorand blockchain. AlgoFi Guide

Algomint - Interoperability for next generation blockchains. Transfers of other cryptocurrencies onto the Algorand blockchain. Algomint Guide.

AlgoRai - The first decentralized options vaults (DOVs) on Algorand. - IBMR launched the Asia Reserve Currency Coin (ARCC), the world's first microasset, meant to fight poverty and grow wealth. Users can take socioeconomic surveys to to earn ARCC.

Circle - Released the stable coin USDC (Digital Dollar) on the Algorand protocol.

Lofty AI - Tokenized real estate investing for as little as $50 and in less than 5 minutes.

Folks Finance - 
Folks Finance is the leading algorithmic capital markets protocol for lending and borrowing built and operated on Algorand blockchain. 

GARD - Decentralized dollar and the first algorithmic stablecoin on Algorand. It allows participants to earn sustainable yields, leverage ALGOs and its derivatives, while letting the user participate in Algorand Governance. 

Messina One - Secure cross-chain bridging for Algorand between other blockchains.

Silo DeFi - Provides Algorand DeFi vaults and intelligent strategies for traders and institutions. 

StakerDao - Cross-chain Asset Factory. Offers wrapped Algorand (wALGO) which allows trading with Algorand on other blockchains.

Yieldly - Offers Multi-assets staking and cross-chain swapping. Algorands first DeFi platform. Yieldly Guide.

3. Algorand Trading Utility

Alammex - Instantly analyzes quotes across multiple exchanges and AMMs and then combining them to give you the optimal deal.

Algorand Portfolio - Portfolio tracker. Track the value of your Algorand Wallets portfolio, shows every ASA (Algorand Standard Assest) you own, NFT's and Governance Rewards.

Algo Stats - Let's you see how much ALGO of every ASAs you've sold and bought, and for what average price. Provides Delta profit/loss as well. Very useful for active ASA traders. 

AlgoScout - Telegram bot which sends out alerts related to major liquidity events for different ASAs. Identifies rug pulls.

ASA Stats - Add your wallet address to see pie charts and a list of assets in order of their current value.

Defly - DeFi Mobile Wallet on Algorand with built-in statistics, charts and swaps. 

HumbleSwap - A decentralized exchange and swapping service. Much like Tinyman it runs on Liquidity Pools. 

Pact - Another decentralized automated market maker that lets you swap Algorand and other ASAs.

Tinyman - The first decentralized Exchange (DEX) for Algorand and its ASAs. Liquidity pools. Let's you swap between ALGO and almost any ASA. Tinyman Guide.

TinyChart - Real-time price charts of all tokens in the Algorand ecosystem with pleasant visual design. See how many holders own the majority of ASA tokens.

Vestige - Real-time charts for Algorand and its assets.

4. Algorand NFT Platforms

AB2 Gallery - A decentralized marketplace for crypto art assets secured by the Algorand blockchain. 

Algogems - An NFT marketplace and social platform where artists can mint their NFT's for free. Algogems Guide.

ALGO NFT Calendar - A responsive Algorand NFT Calendar.

ALGOxNFT - Popular NFT Marketplace.

Dartroom - An Algorand NFT marketplace.

LimeWire - The famous Limewire relaunched as an open music and entertainment NFT marketplace (built on Algorand) for creators and collectors.

NFT Explorer - Tracking NFT collections and sales on the Algorand blockchain.

Rand Gallery - Algorand NFT gallery and marketplace. 

ZestBloom - Another Algorand NFT marketplace, built by artists for artists.

5. Algorand Gaming & Gambling

Alchemon - NFT card game on the Algorand blockchain.

Algo-Casino - The number one casino on Algorand. Use the CHIP token ASA to play your favorite casino games.

AlgoSeas - An NFT based pirate-themed game on the Algoranad Protocol.

FIFA+ Collect - The Algorand Foundation partnered up with FIFA. Collect and own officially licensed digital collectibles that you can showcase, trade, and use in challenges to earn exclusive rewards.

Smile Coin - Payment Gateway which enables Web3 for all gaming platforms through payment processing and blockchain integration. Decentralized gambling & betting. Smile Coin Guide.

Venue Markets - A non-custodial blockchain predictions exchange. Take positions in sports, eSports, finance, events and more.

Zone GameFi - A cross-chain gamefi platform that offers on-chain gaming challenges, yield farming, NFTs. Free-To-Play and Play-And-Earn ecosystem.

6. Algorand Tools

AlgoDrops - Earn free ASAs and ALGO's everyday through airdrops and their faucet.

The Algo Facuet - Algorand faucet which you can use every day to earn free ALGO.

AlgoPay - The company HEADLINE created an Algorand Transaction Widget that's free to use. AlgoPay Guide

AlgoSwap - An Algorand Token Swap that can be imbedded into any website. Uses Tinyman liquidity pools to support it's swaps. Also courtesy of HEADLINE.

Dedit - Allows you to safely notarize, sign and share your documents on various blockchains.

Freckle Airdrop Tool - Automatically distribute ASA airdrops with this tool.

Hummingbot - An open source software that helps build market-making and arbitrage bots that run on any crypto exchange, centralized or decentralized. 

TruYou - A platform that aims gamify online dating, creating an addicting atmosphere using gifting, truchat, incentivized matching, catfish-proof, and more.

YLDY Estimator - YLDY Return Estimates Calculator.

7. Unique Use Cases

The LoveChain - Decentralized Social Media Platform built on Algorand.

Dequency - The world's first web3 synchronization licensing marketplace and a platform for music and visual creators to connect and collaborate on NFT art, metaverse content and on-chain games.

Opulous - The first platform to launch music copyright NFTs. Unlike other NFTs, Opulous offers buyers to purchase shares in the music copyright. Opulous Guide.

PlanetWatch - Decentralized, incentivized and gamified air quality monitoring across the world.

Algorand utility final words

Algorand Utility List - Final Words

As you can see the Algorand ecosystem list is expanding, and the end user experience improving rapidly. Half a year ago this list would have been scarce - considering the Algorand is still in it's crypto youth the blockchain is growing at a respectable rate. 

Finally, to reiterate - the Algorand utility list will be continuously updated. We take suggestions, and we're looking extra carefully at any social media comments concerning this article. Don't hesitate to suggestion anything that's missing.

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