About AlgoDaddy

About AlgoDaddy

AlgoDaddy is a website that was started in autumn of the year 2021 with the goal of educating others about Algorand and its ecosystem, making information more accessible and digestible to newcomers. Today its fulfilling its goal by providing high-quality Algorand articles as well as covering Algorand exciting news in a short-form format.

Algorand Guides

AlgoDaddy was initially started mainly in order to provide educational Algorand Guides and articles when there weren't any to go around. The Algorand ecosystem was at it's enigma and Tinyman (Algorand first DEX) launched only a couple months later after AlgoDaddy was up and running. This bootstrapped the Algorand ecosystem immensely and it's all history from there. 

Algorand News 

In addition to providing education articles AlgoDaddy set out to provide short-form news about Algorand and its flourishing ecosystem, starting from the end of 2022.

Who Runs AlgoDaddy?

AlgoDaddy is mainly run by Martin, an Algorand enthusiast who also holds an MD, working everyday in a clinical setting. Most of the leftover free-time is spent researching cryptocurrencies, following the world news, and pondering about life in general over a hot cup of black coffee.


E-mail - algodaddy@mail.com

Reach out to us over e-mail if you have any questions, business inquiries or suggestions on how to improve the website. We'll try to answer as soon as possible. Consider the local time-zone difference when awaiting replies.

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