HEADLINE - Algorand Deep Dive

HEADLINE Algorand Deep Dive

HEADLINE - Algorand Deep Dive

In this Algorand deep dive we're talking about one of the most diverse ASAs on Algorand - HEADLINE. You might have already heard about it, but what is Headline exactly and what do they do? Hopefully you'll find the answers you need in this Algorand guide.

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What is Headline?

HEADLINE is a Texas-based start-up company and one of the earliest ASAs to have launched on the Algorand blockchain. It's also one of the larger and more diverse ones. It's a bit tricky to label Headline in terms of what they do, since they have such a diverse portfolio of projects. They started out as more of a media project looking to integrate into cryptocurrency & blockchain technology.

However, despite the original direction, Headline have over time focused more on developing useful tools on Algorand (such as AlgoPay and AlgoCloud), whilst also creating a strong blockchain community.

Below is a list of the major projects and tools developed by Headline. Do note that the list is not fully conclusive.

Headline Algorand Projects

  1. AlgoPay is a payments snippet generator. Basically, you can have an embedded code which allows people to pay in ALGO on your website.

  2. AlgoSwap is another tool developed by HEADLINE. AlgoSwap allows for embedded token swapping on any website or app, just by using their code. The first in the world of it's kind. AlgoSwap uses Tinymans liquidity pools for it's swapping. 

  3. AlgoCloud, which is meant to act as a dashboard for the Algorand ecosystem

  4. AlgoGlyph is an application allowing for blockchain signatures to be made on Algorand. 

  5. PIPELINE-UI is a bridge to the Algorand blockchain for developers/programmers

  6. Algo Astros - Headlines own NFT collection, which ranks in the top 20 highest total sale volume on NFTExplorer. Even more, a portion of all NFT collection profits is donated to Whale & Dolphin Conversation

  7. FORUM is an unbiased social network. It requires the users to hold 100 HDL in their wallets to register and use it. Currently it hosts about 1000 users. In addition, Headlines Algo Astro NFT shuffles have been taking place on FORUM. 

  8. Libra Network is Headlines proprietary AI Model, was first built in the form of The Bias Barometer. It will serve as a moderator for FORUM amongst other purposes. You can try out the Bias Barometer  yourself for any website if you press the link.

  9. HDX is an Algorand decentralized exchange (DEX) currently in development by Headline.

Libra Network Headline HDL
Libra Network's Bias Barometer, developed by HEADLINE. AlgoDaddy seems to have a strong left bias. I'm not sure what to make of that.

The History Behind Headline

HEADLINE Inc. was originally founded by Aaron Martinez in May 2021 . Previously the entity had been operating as a subsidiary under an insurance- and venture investment firm called Iron Oak Holdings LCC, ran by Martinez himself as well.

Furthermore Martinez had been looking to use cryptocurrencies integrated in HEADLINES news, as a result he chose the Algorand network as it seemingly had the best possibilities for a high level of integration. Not only did HEADLINE build a sub-community among Algorand holders and receive a lot of support for their work, in addition in June of 2021 they were granted an developer award from the Algorand Foundation, thus solidifying their position in the Algorand space even further.

Headline - Algorand Award

On the 24th of August 2021 HEADLINE Inc. received the Algorand Foundation Developer Award for their PIPELINE-UI project. 

PIPELINE-UI is a bridge to the Algorand blockchain for developers/programmers with different kinds of coding experience. It's basically creating an ecosystem of tools for everyone from html beginners to JavaScript professionals that are looking to start programming on Algorand.

Headline Algorand Reward

Company Structure

The primary legal entity is HEADLINE Inc, which in turn has 3 daughter companies, -  HEADLINE Design, HEADLINE News and HEADLINE Crypto. 

In short, HEADLINE Design is the creative part of the organization, which is responsible for software-as-a-service revenue for their company, as well as maintaining the HEADLINE websites. 

On the other hand HEADLINE Crypto is responsible for the HEADLINE Token (HDL) and integration of the parent company into the world of blockchain, as well as functioning as a community hub. 

Finally HEADLINE News is the news platform, aiming to be the bias-free news platform of choice, while also driving innovation within the company.

$HDL - Algorand Token

HDL is the native ASA/token to Headline. It was minted with a total supply of 25 million HDL. The token can be used within Headlines own ecosystem, as for example in order to access FORUM. 

Where to Buy The HDL Algorand Token?

The HDL ASA (Algorand Standard Asset) can be bought using the Algorand Swapping DEX known as Tinyman

dispatch headline newsletter

Social Media

You can follow the project on the official Social Media platforms. Headline seems to be the most active on their Twitter. 

Twitter - @headline_crypto

Telegram @headliners

Reddit  /r/HEADLINECrypto

Newsletter - DISPATCH

Final Thoughts

HEADLINE is one of the most diverse projects on Algorand. It's a Texas-based startup company that seems to dabble in most areas of the Algorand ecosystem. Consequently, they have contributed to Algorand tremendously and in a unique manner. It seems that if there's something that the Algorand ecosystem needs, then the Headline team is straight onto the task of making it happen.

That's it for this Algorand Deep Dive guide. Consider buying me a coffee if you enjoy my Algorand articles! :-)

Stay educated until next time! Algo and out!


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