AlgoFest 2023 To Take Place Tomorrow, Here Are The Famous Guests

Photo by Thiago Miranda. The image is unrelated to AlgoFest.

AlgoFest 2023 To Take Place Tomorrow

Tomorrow, on the 26th of January, the virtual Algorand event AlgoFest 2023 takes place at 9 am EST. The event is organized by Algonauts and is scheduled last approximately 8 hours.

AlgoFest is a virtual event bringing together some of the most famous individuals in the Algorand community, with the purpose of discussing the future of finance.  

The main host is Cooper Daniels, the creator of the The Recoop channel on YouTube. He will also be joined by other famous Algorand community members such as AlgoHQ and JTinvestsInYou

Watch the Event Live on YouTube

The event can be viewed live starting from 9 am EST with the last segment beginning at 5 pm EST. It will be broadcasted on The Cooper Daniels channel at this link or use the embedded video below.

Attendees Include Algorand Foundation CEO, CTO

To kick off the event at 9 am AlgoFest will present a 'State of Algorand' discussion with the Algorand Foundation CEO, Staci Warden, and her colleague John Woods, CTO of the foundation.

During the day there will be two different DeFi panels taking place, one at 11 am with Folks Finance, Algomint and Defly, and later on the second DeFi panel at 5 pm with Algofi, Vendible and Reach.

Amongst other interesting discussion there will also be a gaming panel is set to take place at 2:00 pm, and shortly thereafter an NFT panel with Loafpickle, Thurstober, Algotheowl and Rand Gallery.

See the tweet below for the the exact timetable of AlgoFest 2023.

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