EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Sales and Marketing Director at Vybe

Vybe Algorand

Exclusive Interview With The Sales and Marketing Director at Vybe

Earlier this week Vybe launched their new service bntyhntr, a digitalized treasure hunt that runs on the Algorand blockchain. Be sure to read the previous article to find out more about bntyhntr explicitly.

Leading up the launch, AlgoDaddy had the great pleasure to interview Vybe's sales & marketing director Gary Ahrens. We decided to learn more about Vybe and their future plans. 

The interview with Gary Ahrens follows below.

Exciting to hear about your successful launch of bntyhntr! How did your team come up with the idea of Vybe & when was it launched?

"Vybe launched six months ago, on 1 August 2022. Originally, our idea was to put Google Maps on a blockchain so you could walk into a store and automatically get paid a penny - a microtransaction. We wanted to use blockchain tech to make gamified advertising. But this was too complicated and we didn’t have Google money to build Google, so we found a simpler and more elegant way to do it, while building a community to use it. We failed multiple times. Once, for example, we minted topo maps and tried to create a user-interface to trade them. It didn’t work."   

That's a tricky situation. So what did you do then?

"We decided to tokenize likes and build a community of content creators first, so they can monetize their content instead of being paid in heart emojis, then build bntyhntr so they can draw people to their sites. Instead of building our own “Instagram of crypto,” we just plugged into existing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter." 

"And instead of putting Google Maps on the blockchain, we loaded QR codes with cryptocurrency that creators can post at physical and digital locations, where people can find and scan them like a digital treasure hunt. If you scan this QR code, for example, you’ll get 100 VYBE. Now we’ve drawn readers to this content, and the readers have been paid for their time."

Scan this QR code to get 100 VYBE.

Very Cool. And who are the people behind the project?

"Currently, we have 12 people on the team, not counting Satoshi. We’re all working and connected remotely. We have four in the United States, three in India, three in the Philippines, one in Dubai and one in Russia. We’re united by our desire to build something cool. We have bios here."

You seem like a great bunch of people. May I ask why did you choose Algorand as your preferred platform to run your services?

"Because it’s fast, inexpensive, and it works. It's like a Ferrari that’s free. Vybe has to send a lot of transactions, so we need a sports car to do this. At today’s rates, for example, if we sent 10,000 transactions a month on Ethereum it would cost $6,300. With Algorand, it costs $2. Two dollars! Total!" 

"That’s the power of cryptocurrency and blockchains, and that’s how we add value to our products, so we need to maximize that. We’re not a cryptocurrency company. We’re a company who uses cryptocurrency because it makes micro-transactions possible. So we need a cost-effective and super fast blockchain to make this possible. Algorand has worked very well to date."


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Website - Vybecrypto.com

Are you having any launch event for bntyhntr?

"Absolutely! But not this year. Hopefully next year. Our goal is to have a party-conference for our community every year in places like Tulum, Jaco, Las Terrenas, and Port-au-Prince. You’re invited. We’re not there yet, but we are getting closer with each product that we build that has a real use case (and value)."

Thanks for the invite, I'll be sure to show up! What are the other future plans for Vybe?

"The future plans for Vybe are to build products with real use case and value so we can party in paradise. We, as in our entire community. Right now we have two products; tokenized likes and bntyhntr."

"One pays you to post and the other pays you to raid. Next, we’re building Vybe Trybe and Nftasy (shhh). Vybe Trybe will pay you to aid and Nftasy will pay you to play. These are all products for creators in the creator economy."

Thank you for your time Gary and best of luck with your awesome projects!

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