Fracctal Monsters Goes Live Today On Algorand Mainnet

Fracctal Monsters Algorand

Fracctal Monsters Live Today On Algorand Mainnet

Fracctal Monsters, an NFT-based game built on Algorand, is launching today on the Mainnet. The game was founded by game developers James Ward, Rafael Santos and Parker Bryant, and has been under production for just over a year since it was first announced in April of 2022.

In Fracctal Monsters players explore the Fracctal Island world while raising and training their own unique NFT monster. Players care for their pet, train it, evolve it, and collect items to make it strong enough to explore more dangerous areas. 

Over $1.25 Million In Sales Before Launch

Its accompanying NFT series, Fracctal Tamers, had generated an astonishing $1.25 million in sales prior to launch. Their most rare NFT, Fracctal Tamers 0018, sold for a staggering 13,000 $ALGO back in August of 2022.

Fracctal Monsters: Fun & Social Gameplay

The longer players interact with their monster, the stronger their bond becomes and the more capabilities the monster will have. The game aims to create a positive experience for players as they develop a bond with their monster and take pride in their progress and achievements. 

It also has a strong social aspect, with the formation of pet guilds and the introduction of group dungeons.

In order to play the game, users must have at least one Fracctal monster NFT in their Algorand wallet. These can be purchased on different NFT market places, or Fracctal Monsters own marketplace.

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