'Meld Gold' Brings Digital Gold To Algorand

Meld Gold Algorand

'Meld Gold' Brings Digital Gold To Algorand

On the 14th of January 2023 an Australian-based company called Meld Gold launched their services on Algorands blockchain. They offer a variety of precious metals as digital assets, including gold and silver. Meld Gold states on their website that all their digital assets, such as GOLD$, are backed by their respective physical counterpart. 

Meld Gold - What is it?

Meld Gold was founded by Michael Cotton, who has worked in the precious metal industry during most of his life, launching his first jewelry supply business by the age of 18 years old. Melds advisory board consists of several experienced individuals, among those the most prominent is Algomints founder AJ Milne.

Describing itself as the 'FutureFi of digital gold', Meld Gold commits to their belief in gold as a stabile asset and aim to amplify golds utility for both businesses and private customers. 

Cottons' vision for Meld is to create a digital superhighway for precious metals industry and revolutionize the way gold is transacted.

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Algorand as the Platform For Digital Gold

In order to achieve this they have chosen the Algorand blockchain as the platform for their service. As such, Meld can support the entire gold supply chain, offering a safe, secure, and stable platform on which investors and industry partners can rely on.

Meld Gold are launching four different digital precious metals available for trading - Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. These digital metals will be fully redeemable for their physical metal counterpart. One token represents 1 gram of physical metal.

At the moment Meld Gold offers a free demo with their product specialist.

Meld Gold offers a variety of metal as digital assets, backed its physical counterpart.

Buy Meld Gold on BTC Markets, Pact

Melds precious metals can be traded on different decentralized markets, including the Australian cryptocurrency exchange BTC Markets, as well as the Algorand-based decentralized exchange Pact. It can also be bought straight through the Algo Pera Wallet by using their swapping function. 

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