First Metaverse Launches On Algorand - Aimed At The Islamic World

Algorand Metaverse Islam
Photo by Mikhail Nilov

First Metaverse Launches On Algorand Blockchain

The worlds first metaverse running on the Algorand blockchain launched earlier this week, this was reported in a press release by Zawya. The metaverse is known as 'Netverse' and was created by the company known as IBF Net

Metaverse For The Islamic World

Netverse is the first Shariah-compliant metaverse, allowing a large population of the Islamic world to also engage in the world of meta. By integrating the IBFNex, a miniature Islamic economy, into Netverse, the creators aims for organic growth of their metaverse. 

Netverse Algorand

Expecting Over Fifty Thousand Members

At the moment IBF Net expect that an approximate fifty thousand members to join their project to provide digitalization of the Islamic world. Netverse, running on Algorand, represents one part of this project. 

IBF Net is also working to create a Governance Council to democratize its efforts, the council will include academics, professionals, and Shariah scholars belonging to the Islamic financial service industry. At it's core, the Islamic world is seeking for a halal ecosystem, something IBF Net is leveraging into.

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