Music Rebel Opulous Announces New Chief Financial Officer

opulous new cfo

Opulous Announces New Chief Financial Officer

On Tuesday afternoon the Algorand-based platform Opulous announced their new chief financial officer, Nick Pelecanos. This comes as Opulous are aiming to hasten market growth in the year to come. 

Pelecanos has a background as Head of Trading at the venture capital NEM Ventures, amongst other professional experiences.

Mint Music Fungible Tokens With Opulous

Opulous is the only platform to mint Music Fungible Tokens (MFTs). MFTs gives users the possibility to invest in music by offering a share in the revenue from an artists work, be it a single, EP, or album. Opulous changes both how musicians access funding, and how they connect with their fans.

The novel music platform was one of the first professional projects to commence on the Algorand blockchain. It was launched on 1st of February 2021 and was immediately immensely successful. During the launching event Soulja Boy and Lil Pump released NFT's on Opulous, which garnished a staggering $500K in total sales. 

Starting from February 1st, Opulous will unveil new artists on a weekly basis and start offering early access to certain MFT drops through their staking pools ($OPUL ASA). 

Article Author: Martin
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