AMAZING: Zone Users Accounts For 40% of Algorands Daily Usage

Zone Algorand Platform

Zone Users Accounts For 40% of Algorands Daily Usage

The decentralized cross-chain gamefi platform 'Zone' recently made an announcement on Twitter, in which they announced that their users represent almost half Algorands blockchain daily usage.

Since the launch of their gamefi platform in September of 2022, the gamers using Zone represent roughly 40% of daily active addresses on Algorand. In addition, they reported almost 5 million games played by users in their PlayFi League.

Chief Business Officer Comment

AlgoDaddy reached out to Zone for a comment, this is what their chief business officer, Sayan Mukherjee, had to say about the amazing news - "Since its launch, Zone has been building relentlessly, rolling out major products and marketing initiatives. 370k+ total wallets connected with 138k new wallets coming in during the PlayFi league, and contributing to 40% of the average daily active addresses on the Algorand blockchain is a monumental achievement and a clear reflection of the team’s unwavering work ethic and support from the Algorand community."

Mukherjee went on to explain the grounds for their success - "For us, Magic link integration for easy email-based wallet creation, and Free Money pools that make it easier for new users to play and earn without the need to obtain Algos first have been major unlocks in acquiring users. Also, thanks to Zone, ALGO now has a very powerful real-world use case for consumers through the Zone Marketplace."

First GameFi Ecosystem on Algorand

Zone is the first gamefi ecosystem on the Algorand blockchain that combines on-chain gaming challenges, yield farming and NFTs to create a free-to-play and play-to-earn ecosystem. 

The platforms features include on-chain gaming challenges, staking, NFT's with powerups, multi-platform support, and Zones fantasy league sports. 

Recently the launched a marketplace as well. In addition, they're looking to support e-sport titles such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Poker, and Clash Royale in the future, with current support for Dota 2.

Zone x Algorand PlayFi League 

In November Zone teamed up with Algorand and announced the PlayFi League, the biggest Web3 gaming league of all time, with a total price pool of $150,000 USD. 

To play in the league, all gamers would need to hold the Zone Game Pass NFT. The Zone Game Passes are free to claim, albeit minted in a limited amount. The first run of the PlayFi League lasted 35 days. 

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