GREEN IS GOOD: Algorand Uses Only 80 kW of Energy, Carbon Offsetting as Previously Pledged

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Algorand Uses Only 80 kW of Energy, Carbon Offsetting as Previously Pledged

On the 23rd of February the CTO of the Algorand Foundation, John Woods, posted on Twitter saying that the Algorand protocol has been running at a very efficient 80 kW. 

Considering that the Algorand protocol has seen no downtime since its origin, it would roughly equate to 700-megawatt hours (MWh) in energy usage over the whole of 2022, assuming that it has required more or less the same amount of energy throughout the whole year.

About 150 Million Times Less CO2 Than Bitcoin

Algorand's digital transactions emit 150 million times less CO2 than the Bitcoin blockchain. 

To put this into numbers, one Bitcoin transaction consumes approximately 1,206.52 kilowatt-hours of electricity, while Algorand says one transaction only consumes about 0.000008 kWh of energy.

The small amount of electricity it actually did use for 2022 is set to be offset at the end of the month through the purchase of carbon credits.

Partnership with ClimateTrade to Stay Green

In April of 2022, CoinTelegraph reported that Algorand had partnered up with ClimateTrade, pledging to become a carbon-negative blockchain. ClimeTrade uses blockchain technology to make sustainability efforts more efficient.

As such, they implemented the world's first smart contract to automate carbon emissions offsetting by allocating a portion of every transaction fee to the task. 

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