Quantum Temple Wins the World Tourism Organization Global Startup Competition

Quantum Temple

Quantum Temple Wins the World Tourism Organization Global Startup Competition

The World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), a UN special agency, has announced the winners of their "Awake Tourism Challenge". The competition is meant to celebrate start-ups that are reshaping the tourism sector in every global region and has been on-going since April of 2022.

Last Tuesday the announced that winner for the USA region would be the project known as Quantum Temple, a Web3 platform preserving culture heritage that partially runs on Algorand.

What is Quantum Temple?

Quantum Temple encodes knowledge and traditions on the Ethereum and Algorand blockchains, as such their able to keep accessible, immutable and decentralized records of cultural heritage. 

In order to achieve proper historical records, Quantum Temple collaborates with curatorial anthropologists and filmmakers on the ground to enable cultural keepers to record their knowledge and traditions in stunning cinematic reportage and 3 capturing on-chain. 

They have partnered up with ancestral communities and local government institutions, as well as modern society structures, in order to co-create NFT collections to represent cultural heritage.

Proceeds Go To Cultural Keepers

Quantum Temple explains on their website, that every time one of their NFT's are traded, 40-50% of the proceeds are transferred to a wallet dedicated to providing cultural keepers with income.

By doing so they're financing the preservation the cultural heritage and can contribute to a sustainable cultural ecosystem. 

The speed, efficiency and low-cost of the Algorand blockchain contributes to helping Quantum Temple achieve their plan. In addition, Algorand is an environmentally friendly and carbon-negative blockchain, thus having minimal impact on culturally (and often environmentally vulnerable) communities. 

You can find all the results from the UNTWO competition here

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