Rand Gallery Acquires Popular Algorand Website NFTExplorer, Saves It From Going Offline

Rand Gallery Acquires Popular Algorand Website NFTExplorer

Rand, most famous for their Algorand NFT marketplace, Rand Gallery, has acquired the website NFT Explorer, a leading NFT marketplace and aggregator. 

With this move, Rand will deepen its relationship with the ecosystem while leveraging Algorands environmentally sustainable image to create a purposeful NFT experience for socially-conscious web2 brands to connect with their audience. 

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The acquisition will allow Rand to take ownership of the entire NFT vertical tech stack - from minting to data aggregation, adding new transactional features and integrating new marketplaces, such as EXA, to its offering. This has been laid out in a medium post by Rand.

Saved From Going Offline

The platform founders had previously announced that the tool and its API would be shut down on January 31st 2023. 

The primary reason was that the website had grown to such a scale that the two founders couldn't keep up with work that was necessary to maintain and develop it's functionality. In addition, the costs of running the website had grown substantially, not allowing 

Those who have used the NFT Explorer knows what a resourceful and practical tool it was for anyone looking browsing non-fungible tokens, collecting all the NFT listings in one place. 

As such, there is a sigh of relief amongst the Algorand NFT community now that Rand Gallery has pledged to keep the site running. 

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