These are the 14 People in The Algorand Governance Advisory Committee

Algorand Governance Advisory Committee
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These Are The 14 People In The Algorand xGov Governance Advisory Council

In December of 2022, the Algorand Foundation announced the 'Advisory Council', consisting of several different committees, as a way for ALGO stakeholders to have a voice until the xGov program is fully developed. 

The Governance Advisory Committee are represented by 14 different individuals from the vertical committees, each with experience and influence in their respective field.

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Familiar Names Among The Committee Members

The 14 council members are made up of  two DeFi representatives, two Web3, one Gaming, one Impact, as well as two investors, two developer houses, one bridge, one general-use dApps, and up to two at large members. Many names might be familiar to those who've spent some time in the Algorand community.

A twitter user known as Governor Zen (@averagezen) posted a list of all the member of the Advisory Council. To our knowledge there are no official sources covering the subject yet, however it seems likely that the member list below is correct.

The committee will bring together stakeholders to discuss governance proposals before the are posted for the community to review. According to this Algorand forum post, the community reviews are planned to take place during the next-coming two weeks, ahead of the votes opening during weeks 10.

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