VIDEO: Algorand Sponsored SailGP Boat DESTROYED By Heavy Winds


Algorand Boat Destroyed

Algorand Sponsored SailGP Boat DESTROYED By Heavy Winds

Sydney are currently in the process of cleaning up after a summer storm caused significant damage, including toppling trees and causing power outages for nearly 100,000 homes and businesses. 

The storm also resulted in the cancellation of an international sailing event known as the SailGP race. The race was taking place on Sydney Harbour, but was forced to cancel its second day of racing due to the effects of the storm. 

Extensive Damage To Algorand Sponsored Boat

The event suffered extensive damage, including one of the boats being severely impacted and the staging area being affected. 

The same team and boat, which was partially sponsored by Algorand. It was in April of 2022 that the Canada SailGP team announced a 3 year long partnership with Algorand. It's unclear how this will unfold now that the boat is damaged.

Video From Bystander

Videos taken by spectators at the event showed the wind picking up the wing sail of Canada's SailGP boat and causing it to become a destructive force. This was reported by 7NEWS Australia.

As the boat was being lifted out of the water at the end of the first day of racing, the strong winds caused it to collide with the marquee behind it, resulting in chaos for both spectators and workers. 

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