VOTE: Name a Planetary System in This Algorand Space Game

Trantorian Algorand

Name a Planetary System in This Algorand Space Game 

The space-themed MMO game Trantorian, which is built on the Algorand blockchain, has announced the 10 finalists in their competition where users could name 5 of the planetary systems that will be available in the game upon launch. 

The competition was originally launched on 30th of January and twitter users could submit whatever name they thought would be suitable. 

With the finalists having been declared, the public can now vote on their favorite name suggestions. The vote is set to end on 11th of February at 6 PM EST, so don't miss it out. Each winner will be awarded 100 $ALGO.

Massive Multiplayer Online Game Set in Space

Trantorian is a space-themed MMO and grand strategy video game  that plays out within real-time in a persistent universe. 

Specifically, it's a 3D space exploration, battle, economic, civilization development NFT based game, that is taking place in a persistent and growing metaverse.

According to its developers, Trantorian is not a click-to-earn game. Instead, they're focusing on creating a 'true game' with a thrilling story, role-based combat and custom content, which includes NFT-based assets. 

See the game trailer below. 

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