Algorand's Price Plunge: Why is it Happening Now?

Algorand Price Crash

Algorand's Price Plunge

Last Reviewed: October, 2023

Algorand, once a promising cryptocurrency, has experienced a significant decline in value since its peak in October 2021. 

In recent days, the price of ALGO against the US dollar has fallen from 0.17 ALGO to USD to its current value of $0.093 per ALGO

This decline represents a considerable drop from its previous stable peak of 1.82 ALGO-USD, highlighting the severity of the price crash. Moreover, ALGO's market capitalization has slipped to the 45th position, a far cry from its previous status as a top 15 cryptocurrency. As such, there are plenty of investors asking themselves why Algorand is dropping in the charts. The reasons, however, are several.

Coin Inflation

One possible explanation for ALGO's price decrease is the inflation of its token supply during recent years, as well as constant selling pressure due to the accelerated vesting program. The latter ended last year but nonetheless caused permanent damage to the Algorand price. 

Moreover, the circulating supply of ALGO increases with each year due to Algorands Governance Program, and the inflation is not set to stop until 2030.  The market may perceive an oversupply of tokens as a lack of scarcity and, consequently, reduce their demand for ALGO.

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Utility and Marketing Challenges

Despite recent efforts by the Algorand Foundation, such as hiring a new Chief Marketing Officer at the beginning of the year, concerns persist regarding the lack of proper utility and effective marketing strategies for ALGO. 

If ALGO fails to demonstrate a clear purpose and value proposition, investors may lose confidence in its long-term prospects, leading to a decline in price. This may cause a snowball effect, as more investors decide to leave the blockchain as it progressively gets more deserted.

Furthermore, effective marketing is crucial for creating awareness, attracting new users, and fostering a vibrant ecosystem around cryptocurrency. The Algorand Foundation may need to enhance its marketing efforts to showcase ALGO's unique features and advantages, thereby driving demand and bolstering its market position.

Algorand price graph decline

Global Economy Affecting All Crypto

The price decrease of Algorand could be partly attributed to the global economic downturn. During periods of economic instability, investors tend to adopt a risk-averse approach, favoring more stable assets. This shift in investor sentiment may have led to decreased demand for cryptocurrencies like ALGO, ultimately contributing to why Algorand's value is dropping. 

That said, Algorand has lost a significant amount of value relative to its cryptocurrency counterparts during the last few months. In fact, BTC has gained value in the last 6 months, going from 16,800 to sitting at around 26,600 as of 9th of July, 2023.

Algorand enthusiasts will know that its blockchain technology is among the best out there. It is to be seen if such technical superiority will be enough to pull out ahead at the end of the current bear market.

Article Author: Martin
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