Yieldly Announces Return of NFT Prize Games

Yieldly Announces Return of NFT Prize Games

It was yesterday on Twitter where the decentralized finance (DeFi) company Yieldly announced that they're bringing back the popular NFT prize games. Yieldly was one of the first DeFi projects to launch of Algorand in 2021 and was wildly popular right after it's inception. 

Yieldly is now asking for suggestions and feedback from the community about what NFTs they should release as prices.

Previously Very Popular

The Yieldly 'no-loss' NFT prize games was a type of lottery where those who had staked their ALGO on Yieldly would get lottery tickets for a draw of different NFT prizes on a weekly basis. Participating in the lottery required no additional fee, which is why it was known as a 'no-loss' lottery.

The NFT prize games were significantly popular amongst the Algorand community. However, in order to update the feature Yieldly announced that feature would be closed on the 2nd of March 2022 until the update has been finalized. 

At the time it was assumed that the prize games would come back in a couple weeks, but instead it has been almost a year since it was last up and running. 

Criticism Against Yieldly

Yieldly have recieved substantial criticism in the past year after they kept changing roadmaps and not delivering previously promised features on time. 

Additionally the lack of clear and respectful communication from the company has left a lot of previous users disgruntled about the company and its future.

Article Author: Martin
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